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We Sell Dreamtime Essences, Gemstone Jewellery and Holistic & spiritual courses

GBP10.00After school parent and child meditation session
After school parent and child meditation session
GBP10.00Special needs Parent and child meditation session
Special needs meditation session
GBP10.00Saturday Morning Meditation Session
Saturday Morning Meditation Session
GBP220.00Full Crystal Therapy Course
Crystal course
GBP40.00Crystal Therapy course Part 1
Crystal 1
GBP40.00Crystal Therapy course Part 2
Crystal 2
GBP40.00Crystal Therapy course Part 3
Crystal 3
GBP10.00Tarot Monthly Meet Up
Tarot Monthly Meet Up
GBP40.00Listening Skills Workshop
Listening Skills Workshop
GBP10.00Manifesting & The Law of attraction Monthly Meet Up
Manifesting & The Law of attraction Monthly Meet Up
GBP10.00Sound & Drumming circle Monthly Meet Up
Sound & Drumming Monthly Meet Up
GBP25.00Energy Release & Cord cutting/Inner child workshop
Energy release workshop
GBP10.00Monthly 90 min Spiritual Healing Workshop
Monthly Spiritual Healing Workshop
GBP95.0010 week Healing Course Fee
GBP500.00Accredited Spiritual Healing course 1 Year Fee - All Inclusive
Accred One Year Fee
GBP95.00Accredited Spiritual Healing course registration fee
Accredited Registration Fee
GBP1,400.003 Year Spiritual Healer Teacher Course Fee - All Inclusive
3 Year Healer All Inclusive
GBP500.00Yearly Spiritual Healer Teacher Installment
Yearly Spiritual Healer Teacher Installment