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Crystal Therapy Practitioner Course

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Crystal Therapy Practitioner Course

Crystals have a wonderful natural energy of their own. They are easy to work with for self-healing, self-development, meditation & much more. Specific areas can be targeted with special crystals & layouts, such as headaches, aches & pains, stress etc.

The Crystal course runs over 4 Days across 3-4 months with home study and cases in between.

Course Dates

4 Month Qualification Courses - TBA

These are Qualification Course registered with the CMA & Balens.

At this time we are only running one to one or very small training groups, please contact me for more information.

One to One Intensive Qualification courses  can be arranged at times to suit you, in person or online.

These are the same as the 4 month courses, just taught on a one to one basis over 3 consecutive days, or days to suit you.

Day 1

The history of crystals

The different types of crystals and how they form

How Crystal Therapy works

Choosing your crystals

Feeling the energy of the crystals

Cleansing your crystals

Energising your crystals

Programming your crystals

What are Chakras?

Chakra meditation

Grounding and protection, why it is important

The most commonly used crystals for each Chakra

Meditating with crystals

Crystal Chakra treatment on yourself

Crystal Chakra Treatment on others

This is followed by home study before Day 2

Day 2

Top 20 Crystals and their uses

Crystal shapes and their uses

Pendulum Dowsing

Chakra Testing using your pendulum

Seated Crystal Treatment

Couch Crystal Treatment Intuitive

Registration & Insurance

Client care and the consultation process

Record Keeping & Confidentiality

Crystal Chakra Treatment on others

This is followed by taking 3 initial cases to be presented at day 3.

Day 3

Code of conduct

Anatomy & Physiology

Crystal wands

Targeting specific areas

Crystal layouts

Targeting specific ailments

Crystal grids

Environmental Placements

Crystal Remedies

Treating Plants and Animals

Storing your crystals

After this session you will be expected to do 2 more follow ups on each of your initial cases and present at the final session & Assessment

Day 4

Final Assessment

Review of your completed cases & feedback

Questions & answers session

Final assessment paper

Assessed Crystal Chakra treatment

Assessed Crystal Layout treatment

The course costs £220 in one payment on booking, or £50 registration fee on booking then £50 per module.

One to one training costs £100 per day.

 For more details please contact me using the button at the top of this page or call 07854014411

One Day Workshops

Workshop 1 - TBA

During this workshop we look at The history of crystals, The different types of crystals and how they form, How Crystal Therapy works, Choosing your crystals, Feeling the energy of the crystals, Cleansing, Energising & Programming your crystals, The Chakras & Chakra meditation, Grounding and protection, why it is important, The most commonly used crystals for each Chakra, Meditating with crystals, Crystal Chakra treatment on yourself & Friends/ Family.

Workshop 2 - TBA

During this workshop we look at Top 20 Crystals and their uses, Crystal shapes and their uses, Pendulum Dowsing, Chakra Testing using your pendulum, Seated Crystal Treatment, Couch Crystal Treatment Intuitive.

Workshop 3 - TBA

During this workshop we look at Crystal wands, targeting specific areas, Crystal layouts, Targeting specific ailments, Crystal grids, Environmental Placements, Crystal Elixir

Treating Plants and Animals.

For more information or to chat about the courses & workshops, please call 07854014411.

The History of Crystals & Their Therapeutic Use.

Crystals have been used throughout the ages as talismans, amulets and adornment by many different civilisations in a multitude of ways. The Ancient Sumerians where one of the first to reference the use of crystals within magic formulations. The Ancient Egyptians used a number of different crystals and semi precious stones in their jewellery such as Lapis Lazuli, turquoise, carnelian, emerald and clear quartz. Within the Ancient Egyptian culture these were used primarily for protection and health. The Egyptians also used crystals cosmetically as they ground down lead ore and used as kohl.

The word crystal actually comes from the Greek word for ice. The Ancient Greeks believed that clear quartz was water that had frozen so deeply that it would always remain in solid form. The Ancient Greeks also attributed a number of properties to crystals and many of the names that we use for crystals today are of Greek origin. Hematite was often crushed and placed on a soldiers body as this was believed to make them invincible.

The Romans used crystal talismans and amulets as they believed that they would enhance their health and enable them to attract desirable things. The Chinese since ancient times have always valued Jade highly and have used crystals within their own healing and energy balancing therapies for example by using crystal tipped needles in acupuncture. The Ayurveda practices in India also consider crystals as being valuable in the healing of emotional and metaphysical imbalances and conditions.

Minerals, crystals and gems have therefore been used for Millennia to enhance the emotional, spiritual and physical well-being of people across many ancient civilisations. From the 11th century in Europe right through to the Renaissance period the use of various semi precious stones were extolled in the treatment of certain ailments. The stones would typically be used alongside herbal remedies and again many of these stones were believed to have particular qualities of strength or protection. Using semi precious stones to heal was at this time still quite widely accepted.

Although no longer in use medically in more recent times semi precious stones and crystals were still given meaning and used. For example Jet was worn as a sign of mourning and during times of war garnet was worn as protection. In the 1980's crystals and semi precious stones saw a resurgence as the New Age Culture began once again to use them as an aid to healing.

Due to the advances in science and our greater understanding of frequency and vibration we now understand that all things are a form of energy. Each energy has its own frequency and vibration, including crystals. We have now begun to gain scientific evidence through the breakthroughs in quantum science and the concepts of electromagnetism that support what the ancients already knew that certain forms of energy can affect other forms of energy when the two are within the same space. This is why crystal healing is now becoming more readily accepted in modern day society.

Those who now practice Crystal Therapy believe that a crystal vibrates at its own frequency and that when it is placed within our own energy field it is able to connect to our own vibrational frequency and can stimulate biochemical responses that can affect our physical health in a positive manner.

What Are Crystals

Crystals are any substance in which the atoms are arranged in a geometric, symmetrical and 3d pattern. This pattern is what is known as crystalline. Crystals where formed as the earth itself formed and continued to change over time. Crystals bear the indelible memory of the powerful forces that made them and shaped them. Some crystals were subjected to enormous amounts of pressure whilst others were formed in layers and others formed in chambers deep underground. Most crystals have natural origins and have formed through inorganic means such as geological processes within the earth or via organic means within creatures. However they were formed their crystalline structures are believed to be able to absorb, focus, conserve and emit energy.

The following is a guide to the twenty most commonly used crystals that you may find is needed day to day.