Angelrose Holistic Centre & Training College

Soulful Routes = All things Spiritual & Holistic

A Local Holistic & Spiritual Community Project

We are a group of Holistic & Spiritual Practitioners who have joined together to create a friendly community. Our aim is to provide a meeting point for like minded people to connect, ask questions & support each other. A place to feel safe and supported without any judgement. Soulful Routes offers readings and various therapies, well being coaching, general support and a listening ear. In addition, classes, workshops & qualification courses are available.

If you are interested in joining our little community and finding out about what we do then please click on the link below to pop over to our Facebook page and click to join.

Also we have a Facebook group where you can join in with chats, live sessions, meditations, card readings etc. There are lots of great informative posts and loads of hints and tips. Please click on the link below to pop over to the group and join in.