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Johanna Ellis SDSHom is a qualified Homeopath and a graduate of The South Downs School of Homeopathy and runs her practice in Central Horsham, West Sussex.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a gentle, sympathetic and safe system of healing that acts deeply to restore the whole person, making lasting improvements at all levels: physical, mental & emotional. It respects the fact that every person is unique so it treats the person as a whole and not just the disease. Many conventional doctors are not trained to look at a patient in this way, they tend to treat each ailment separately and consequently the root cause is seldom found. The symptoms may disappear but the disease is often merely suppressed, and reoccurs or surfaces again as another ailment, seemingly unconnected.

How does it work?

The word Homeopathy means "similar suffering" - or like cures like. Homeopathy utilises the natural law of similars, the principal that whatever can harm can also cure.

Minute, safe doses are prescribed when someone exhibits the same symptoms as a larger dose of the same substance would produce.

Take "Coffea" as an example; taken from coffee - a substance that stimulates the nervous system and causes sleeplessness if taken last thing at night. Coffea taken in tiny quantities has a soothing effect on the nerves and can help promote sleep.

Homeopathy is used to treat:

General aches & pains, Headache/ Migraine, Digestive disorders, Recurrent infections, Coughs/ Colds/ Flu, Fatigue & Insomnia, Stress/ Depression, Anxiety, Gynaecological problems, Asthma/Chest problems, Eczema/ Sinusitis & Much more.

Homeopathy for Children

Children respond really well to homeopathy & the following is often treated:

Feeding difficulties, Nausea & Vomiting, Diarrhoea/ Constipation, Learning difficulties, Behaviour problems, Ear infection/ Glue ear, Teething, Childhood illnesses, Sleep disturbances, Colic & Wind.

Frequently asked questions

Is Homeopathy safe during pregnancy?

It is very safe during pregnancy, in fact it can be used to help many ailments such as heartburn, constipation etc, which are common during pregnancy. It is also used during labour and Johanna is happy to work alongside your midwife or health visitor, to help you have a happy and healthy pregnancy & labour.

I am on prescribed medication from my doctor, will homeopathy interfere with this?

Homeopathy is safe to use alongside conventional drugs, but it is advisable to always discuss with your doctor any changes you may wish to make. Never reduce or stop prescribed medication without their prior consent. Johanna is happy to work alongside your GP to achieve whatever goals you may have.

How many appointments will I need?

This depends on your individual health but it usually requires 3 appointments to begin with. This gives the homeopath a chance to see where the treatment is going and the patient a chance to see if homeopathy is right for them.

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Prices - including remedies

Initial Consultation - £75

Follow up appointments - £50

Children's Low cost clinic - £35

Acute telephone consultation (Existing Clients only) £25 includes remedy posted out

Online & Phone Consultations are also available & please use the contact us form initially to request this. Payment for this is made by bank transfer.

Please be aware that the Children's & Low cost clinics are only suitable for follow ups, due to time limitations. More complex cases will have to be booked into the normal clinic.          

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