Angelrose Holistic Centre & Training College

Spiritual & Holistic Events, Classes & Workshops

Regular Classes & Drop in sessions

Low cost healing clinic Dates TBA

30-45min sessions - treatments will be given by supervised students - £15 per person.

Spiritual Development classes -

Fortnightly on a Wednesday Evening 7.30 - 9.00pm

Weekly on a Thursday Morning 10.00am -11.30am

 More details are on the Spiritual development page.


6 Week Meditation Course

During this 6 week course we will be looking at how to relax and quieten the monkey chatter in your mind, to then be able to make the most of meditation. 

Week 1 -Breathing Exercises, Relaxation & Visualisation and creating the right space.

Week 2 - Open eye meditation, creating your own journey through your own thoughts and experiences, releasing the blocks & maintaining the flow.

Week 3 - How Crystals can help with Meditation, crystal cave meditation

Week 4 - How meditation works and what it can do to help you. How your surroundings can help you, focusing on nature, and the different senses, Woodland visualisation & meditation.

Week 5 - How Sounds can help with meditation & what they do, The power of the Om, Sound Baths.

Week 6 - Putting it all together - Various meditations.

The course is £50.00 but can be paid in instalments of £25 deposit to secure your place, 

then £25 on wk 3.

There is only 5 spaces on this course and these can only be secured with a deposit or full payment. 

The next course starts on Wednesday 30th September 10-11.30 am

or Tues 6th October 7-8.30 pm

12 Week Spiritual Development Course

An evening/morning of gentle relaxation & meditation & Discussion time along with looking at a different aspect of spiritual development each week. We will look at techniques such as tuning in, protection, grounding, Transfiguration, channelling, psychometry, cards and much more......

During this 12 week course we will be covering

1-Meditation, relaxation & visualisation. The importance of regular meditation. Do you get a message from the meditation? For yourself, someone else or the group as a whole?

2-Tuning in to the energies, making a strong connection and maintaining it. Raising your energy/vibration to connect with spirit, we have to try and meet them half way. Sensing the aura (exercise), sensing the energies, feeling when they are drawing close. How do they connect with you, a particular side for which side of the family? Do they give you different feelings for different connections? Is your connection visual, do you see your gran as an indication that it’s a gran coming through? Are you shown someone to indicate that the person coming through has a similar personality, look or work? Sometimes it’s a process of elimination. Sometimes the feeling is so strong that you just know.

3- Crystals, what they can do and how to work with them.

4- Energy release and re balancing, creating the right environment & not taking on the wrong energy.

Inspirational writing/art - channelling messages through writing and art.

5- Aura reading & cleansing,

6- Psychometry & Photo readings, Photo reading -Sensing the energies connected with an object or photograph and seeing what those energies can show you, seeing if you can connect with that person.

7- Connecting with your guides, learn how they work with you. Sensing the energies, sensations & feelings, hearing & seeing – how do you connect? Who is your gatekeeper? Who are your guides? How can you tell the difference between your imagination & a message? Sensing & seeing their environment & that of the person you are reading for.

8 - Sound vibrations, what they do and how they can help you in your development.

9- Transfiguration, seeing and sensing spirit around us. Connecting to spirit and asking them to draw close, the group will be looking for any over shadowing that takes place.

10- Card reading, Tarot and healing cards.

11- One to one readings, how to keep the energies flowing and give a full reading.

12- Channelling-- giving messages platform style, know who you are with and focus on their energy. See if you can get a connection for someone in the group? Do you feel drawn to someone’s energy? Do you hear their name called? Have you got some information, but you are not sure who for?

The course is £100.00 but can be paid in instalments of £40 deposit to secure your place, then £30 on wk 4 and £30 on wk 8.

There is only 5 spaces on this course and these can only be secured with a deposit or full payment. 

The next course starts on Wednesday 30th September - 7-8.30 pm

Monthly Evening Sound Bath Meditation Session

Come along for an hour of complete immersion in the sounds. We will be using Crystal Bowls, Tibetan bowels, Native drums, Tubular bells, Flutes, Tuning forks and more, to take you on a journey into your own space. To quieten the monkey chatter of everyday life and allow you to go to a place of complete relaxation.

Dates TBA

£10 per person

Special Events & Workshops

Spiritual & Holistic Coffee Mornings 

14/9, 12/10, 9/11, 7/12 - 10.30-12.00

Come along to our lovely monthly coffee mornings, where we will be chilling and chatting about all things spiritual. from Manifesting to Mediumship, Tarot to Meditation and much more. There will be plenty of people there sharing there expertise and lots of information about events and other meet ups. This is a free event, We will be there anyway, just turn up & buy your own refreshments.

These have temporarily moved due to Covid and spaces are limited to 5 so please message if you would like to come along. 

Shamanic Drumming & Journeying Sessions

We are lucky to have the lovely Olwen Capper coming to teach this 6 session course. Olwen is a Shamanic Practitioner and Transformational Coach. During these sessions she will be journeying with us, to the lower world, middle world and upper world to connect with our power animals, sacred sites around the world,and goddesses. She will be getting us to work with the energies of the Peruvian, Native American, Tibetan, Mongolia , Egyptian Norse and Celtic ancestors. This will bring a much broader experience of shamanic work.

During the session there will be 3 shamanic journeys & we will have a lovely drumming session to raise our vibration and send healing to wherever it is needed. We will be calling in the four elements to work with us.

During these 6 session we will be going on shamanic journeys to connect with our power animals, we will have a lovely drumming session to raise our vibration and send healing to wherever it is needed. We will be calling in the four elements to work with us.

The cost is £20 per person per session, payable initially on booking, then one session in advance.

The dates TBA

The course will take place at Park House, North Street, Horsham.

It is 5 mins walk from Horsham Station and there is parking right outside, we will be starting the session at 7.30pm.

Treatment Share & Mentoring Mornings & Evenings

This is a twist on the usual Reiki Share events as we will be opening it up to all therapies!

During each session there will be the opportunity to swap treatments with others, share experiences, ask advice, learn new skills & network. We hope to be able to offer help with marketing & Social media, Computers, Websites & more…

Cost £2.50 per person to cover refreshments & the room.

Dates TBA

Manifesting your dreams and desires - New Moon Manifesting Workshop

Date TBA

During these workshops we look at How to find Clarity, How Positive affirmations work, What are Vision Boards & how they work, What Journalling is & how it works, How to use Visualisation through meditation, How we use the energy of the new moon with New Moon Cheques, What are Self limiting beliefs and how to overcome them and much more. We have plenty of time for discussion and sharing each others tips, hints & successes.

The cost is £40 and booking is essential.

Monthly Clairvoyance Evenings

An Evening of Clairvoyance at Horsham Spiritual & Healing Centre, Normandy Centre, Denne Road, Horsham. RH121JF

Unfortunately these cannot run at the moment due to Covid, please keep an eye on the website for any updates. 

Crystals & Crystal Healing Workshops

TBA – The Basics (History of crystals, What are crystals, choosing your crystals), The Chakras and related crystals, Chakra crystal treatment on yourself. Cost £40

TBA - Lots more Crystals & all their uses, The different types of crystals, Crystal Pendulum Dowsing, Crystal Chakra treatment on each other. Cost £40

TBA – Cleansing, Energising, Programming & Storing your crystals. The difference between Male & Female Crystals. Recap of a basic crystal Chakra treatment. Crystal Layouts, Using Crystals for specific ailments, practice layouts on each other. Crystal Grids. Cost £40

Sound Therapy Workshops

Workshop 1

During this workshop, you will learn about different aspects of sound and sound healing, such as Tuning forks, Sound Bowls, Gongs, Flutes, voice & Drums..We will look at How Sound Therapy works - the science, Meditating, Cleansing & Energising with sound, using sound on the Chakras, Sound Chakra treatment on yourself Tuning forks,Aura cleansing, Chakra Testing using your pendulum/ Chimes/ Bowl/ tuning forks.


Workshop 2

During this workshop, you will learn about Acusound Therapy, The Benefits of Acu Sound Therapy, The Acupressure points we use in this treatment & a basic Acu Sound Therapy Routine.


Workshop 3

During this workshop, you will learn about Various Tuning Forks & what specific areas & ailments they target, First Aid Forks, Sound Baths – Gongs, Chime Pipes, Drums, Flutes.Seated Treatments, Environmental uses, Using Forks on food & drink, Treating Plants and Animals.


The Sound workshops cost £40 each and the tuning forks are an extra £75 if you would like them.